Mar 19

The sweet life

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Well, you’ve certainly been busy bees, checking around my new place, and I appreciate your interest tremendously! Seriously guys, you rock BIG time. The website is still a work in progress (me & hubby have been setting it up by ourselves, apart from the template that gave us a base to start from), so my apologies for any glitches that you’re getting and thanks for your patience! Any feedback you may have is priceless, there’s no way we can test how things work on every device & browser. So far we’ve managed to pin down a mobile-friendly version and the archives. I also noticed that the website graphics get a bit wonky when using an older version of Internet Explorer (namely, 8), but I hope all of you guys are well ahead with yours 🙂

If you haven’t yet, why not check out the brand new Random Acts of Creativity Facebook page! I moved the Networked Blogs syndication there and I’m planning to engage with you more, through discussions & fun perks.

That’s enough of the boring stuff (are you still with me??), so let’s get cracking with today’s card! I must confess that:
a) I was wildly happy to receive a long awaited PTI order. I haven’t done anything in this matter for long months and now I’m finally the owner of some of the most coveted sets that had me drooling for a long time.
b) I received them over two weeks ago (or was it three?) and it was only tonight that I finally broke into the first of the sets. Don’t judge.

That being said, after a bit of happy inking I can totally relate to the sentiment on this card. I’m so head over heels for these roses!!

I played with Deconstructed Sketch (DS93). Long time since I last used one of these, this one spoke to me the moment I saw it.

Hope it tickles 🙂 Cheers inky friends, see you tomorrow! xxx

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4 thoughts on “The sweet life

  1. Ooh! Very daring and different colour combo here for your card, but I think you’ve pulled it off expertly!! *Love* the mix of patterns and the layout! And as for judging, meh. I’ve had this set for *months* and only created like one or two things with it!

  2. So happy to see this set in your hands! HOPE you got the FANCY FOLK ART as well:) Can’t wait to see how you use them.
    I must say I miss the photo of you with the flowers in your hair…it must have been a GLORIOUS were glowing!
    But now you glow with that special aura that comes from creating new life…YES, life is SWEET:)

  3. I bought ‘The Sweet Life’ some time ago and am completely addicted to it. My husband started to say that it would wear out (and that I must be boring people to death with it!). So, I completely understand how you feel about it. I had such fun trying out all the colour combinations. However I found by far the best were the versafine inks, which I usually only use for sentiments.. Try red ones with satin red, crimson and smokey grey, they look really rich.

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