Sep 04

CASE Study Challenge #207

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We’re back to the sweet routine at CASE Study. There’s a new Muse on the block and it’s my sweet friend and a former Design Team member, Debby Hughes! I’m so glad to have her back with us in a different role, might I add one of the most requested artists to fill this position!

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Aug 28

CASE Study 4th Anniversary Blog Hop

Written by: iwona    113 Comments

After a month of managing the 4th Anniversary festivities at CASE Study from behind the scenes, I finally get to jump in the bandwagon, along with the rest of our talented Muses and Teamies! I hope you partook in the three previous Blog Hops and enjoyed the inspiration. Today marks the start of the last one and let me tell you, it’s been a heck on an event! I’m so proud of everyone and thankful for the line up no blog hop would shy from :)

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Aug 23

Design infused #6

Written by: iwona    34 Comments

What is Design Infused series about?
I take a design piece that inspires me (be it stationery, clothing, packaging, etc.), and translate it into a custom paper-craft design, using predominantly stamps and ink. I take great joy in letting what I see around, influence my designs, and I want to show you how easy it is. I collect the inspiration in my Pinterest board especially created for this purpose, and pick a piece from the lot for each installment of this feature.

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Aug 17

WPlus9 August Release: florals

Written by: iwona    8 Comments

I’m back with more WPlus9 projects today! I’m loving the new release and I having lots of fun with it despite the creative stupor that still haunts me and a lack of time.

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