Sep 25

CASE Study Challenge #210

Written by: iwona    6 Comments

We just started the last challenge for the month at CASE Study, and not only this is your last chance to CASE our Muse Debby Hughes but also to play with us for a while. I made a difficult decision to close the doors of CASE Study for the time being, due to time restrictions. At the moment I can’t say how long the break will be or IF there will be a come back at all, but once the situation allows then I’ll be certainly looking into re-opening.

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Sep 04

CASE Study Challenge #207

Written by: iwona    18 Comments

We’re back to the sweet routine at CASE Study. There’s a new Muse on the block and it’s my sweet friend and a former Design Team member, Debby Hughes! I’m so glad to have her back with us in a different role, might I add one of the most requested artists to fill this position!

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Aug 28

CASE Study 4th Anniversary Blog Hop

Written by: iwona    113 Comments

After a month of managing the 4th Anniversary festivities at CASE Study from behind the scenes, I finally get to jump in the bandwagon, along with the rest of our talented Muses and Teamies! I hope you partook in the three previous Blog Hops and enjoyed the inspiration. Today marks the start of the last one and let me tell you, it’s been a heck on an event! I’m so proud of everyone and thankful for the line up no blog hop would shy from :)

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