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Let’s Copic! Summer Blossoms and a blending tutorial

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Hi there! You might remember that a little while ago I promised to launch a new series on my blog, with tutorials on Copic colouring. Well, it’s finally here and I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂
It wasn’t an easy decision as I personally think there are plenty of artists out there who do way better job with these babies, however I was approached many times by people asking about a tutorial on my colouring, and I guess you guys know best what you’d like to see here 🙂 Still I think I need to answer some potential questions…

1. I’m not affiliated with the Copic brand, X-Press Graph-X Supplies or any store that carries Copics. Just a big fan.
2. My collection of Copics is relatively small, as of now I own approx. 160 markers. I try to do best with what I’ve got and it often means that I’m using unusual combinations. The beauty of Copics is though, that more often than not… well, it works! I’m so NOT a purist in mixing the colours in the same family 🙂
3. My colouring can be all over the place, messy, imperfect. If you’re looking for impeccable, I suggest you hit another place, lol

Right! How about this lovely Summer Blossoms image from Flourishes?

I decided to use the sketch from the July Release Challenge on the Flourishes blog:

Today I’d like to show you my blending techniques. I suspect there many be nearly as many ways to blend, as many there are users… and there’s no right or wrong, as soon as you learn the basics. To me, the key to successful blending is to use feathering, which means working from the darkest colour towards the lightest one and easing on the pressure as you do so. The rest is open to individual preferences and in the tut below you will see that I lay down the colours in a multitude of different combinations. It all comes down to what feels right for the moment.

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Copic! Summer Blossoms and a blending tutorial

  1. Thank you for the tutorial!! I did notice that you colored more towards the way I would (light to fill in and dark to do highlights) so do you mean that you would do the filling in with the lighter color and then feather for the highlighting part of it? I’m quite new to Copic so was just wondering.

    Otherwise, loved the slideshow and the image came out fabulous!

    • Thank you! In a nutshell, the three steps that I usually take is a) fill in with the lightest colour b) apply the darker colour(s) where I want them c) feather (blend) together using the lightest shade and working from the darkest towards the lightest shade. It means applying a second coat of the lightest shade in some places, therefore creating a new mid-shade, that’s why feathering is the way to go as it makes the colours blend more easily. Cheers!

  2. Great tutorial , love how you presented it as well. I hope you don’t mind me asking this but is there a special editing program u used to create your video.. 🙂

    • Thanks, Debra! It’s not a video but a slideshow of still images. It’s done with a built-in feature in a WordPress platform, only accessible to the self-hosted WordPress users.

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