Aug 23

Design infused #6

Hello! I’ve been quiet on the blogging front in the past couple of weeks and I decided that’s how it’s going to stay for the time being. While I’m be no means abandoning my passion for paper crafting, blogging is what needs to be put on a backburner. See, it’s just so much work I can’t justify doing so often any more. I think at least half of my blog visitors have blogs themselves so you know what I mean. Perhaps it’s easier, quicker for some people but for me making a card + putting it up on the blog is half a day’s worth.
So I’m going to downsize to an extent I’m comfortable with. I’m still aiming at posting several times a month but nothing like what you got used to in the last years. My family, my own choices and my comfort should always come first. I found myself trying to deliver for every reader of mine, any request put before me, etc. While I value your keen interest and it’s humbling to know that you want more from me, it’s easy to forget that this blog is for my own enjoyment, for ME. And I should be there for my kiddos and my husband first, and not at the desk typing away every day.
Thanks for understanding!

That being said, I hinted on Instagram a few days ago that I’m reviving a neglected feature on my blog with a new installment, and it’s Design Infused!
The reason I left it unloved for so long was that I foolishly thought I’d spin it off as a video feature. Nope. NADA. Me and videos just don’t go together, sorry folks. Not now. It’s SO much work that it makes my head spin just thinking about it… I honestly don’t know how the others do it, sharing a new video every other day and then still claiming to have a life, but maybe I’m just especially challenged by this particular medium.

So if you will forgive me for reverting back to the old scheme of things, here’s today’s inspiration and my spin on it.

What is Design Infused series about?
I take a design piece that inspires me (be it stationery, clothing, packaging, etc.), and translate it into a custom paper-craft design, using predominantly stamps and ink. I take great joy in letting what I see around, influence my designs, and I want to show you how easy it is.
I collect the inspiration in my Pinterest board especially created for this purpose, and pick a piece from the lot for each installment of this feature.

Here’s a better view of the inspiration, a watercolour poster from Wildfield Paper Co. (see it HERE). I’ve seen cards with floral design arranged around the central sentiment many times before, and don’t ask me why I waited this long to recreate one myself… Once I saw that poster I knew this is the one to kick start my mojo.

I reached for one of my very favourites of this year, a Summer Garden stamp set by Mama Elephant / Simon Says Stamp. I needed a line art design that I could filled with watercolour, one that is freehand, whimsical and charming. I was also looking for a stamp that would remind me of the purple leaves in the poster which I’m especially fond of, plus of course a great script font, and that one set ticked all the boxes.

I started by choosing the perfect spot for the sentiment, and so I stamped it first. Then I chose a semi-light brown of Frayed Burlap Distress Ink to arrange the flowers and leaves around the card.
When working on creating a larger scene with smaller stamps, start from the largest designs (placing them at strategic places) and then add the fillers.

I watercoloured the scene with Derwent Inktense pencils and an aquabrush (water pen). I know I said it before, they’re pretty incredible. They may not give you the smoothness of paint but their blending abilities are superb, they’re so easy to use and they come in fantastic colours.

I added white accents to the leaves and flowers, with Copic Opaque White Brush Applicator. This stuff is gold! Although it’s best to stick to straight-ish lines when using the applicator – you can see a messy job in places where I was trying to create dots or dabs rather than strokes 😛

I hope it tickles 🙂

Jan 03

Design Infused #5

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Hello 2014! I’m ready to conquer another year of blogging  and excited to see what it brings to the plate. Thanks to your kind suggestions on the previous post, I now have better knowledge of what you’d like to see more from me and I’ll be addressing them as I go.
One of the things on my radar is being more specific about my design process and so I will be doing more tutorials, especially in video format. You would know already that I’ve been making baby steps in terms of video tutorials for StampNation but my aim is to bring some public content to my Youtube channel as well. It’s pretty bare as of today (unless you’re a StampNation member in which case you have access to exclusive content) but you’ll want to subscribe or bookmark it if you’d like to stay updated.

I’ve been wanting to do another Design Infused post but I’ve been otherwise wrapped up with different things. I’m back today with some cards, triggered by this piece of awesomeness.

What is Design Infused series about?
I take a design piece that inspires me (be it stationery, clothing, packaging, etc.), and translate it into a custom paper-craft design, using predominantly stamps and ink. Letting what I see around me influence my work is a big part of what I do and I want to show you how fun it is.
I collect the inspiration in my Pinterest board especially created for this purpose, and pick a piece from the lot for each installment of this feature.

And here’s how it happened:

The one layer card is made from off-white cardstock. I stamped one more piece of card, this time white. Trimmed it, enhanced with extra stamping (dark blue flower centers, stamp from the retired WPlus9 Poinsettia Patterns set) and mounted on off-white card.

Thanks for taking a peek, see you again in a few hours for a new sketch!

Oct 22

Design infused #4

Hi there! It’s been a while, in fact I had this project sitting on my desk for over a week, all I needed was a moment to photograph and blog the poor things… not always an easy task these days 🙂
The new Design Infused revolves around the photo that my friend and blogger Lisa Spangler from Sideoats & Scribbles shared on Facebook a few months back, and which I fell in love with. Full credit goes to you, sistah!

What is Design Infused series about?
I take a design piece that inspires me (be it stationery, clothing, packaging, etc.), and translate it into a custom paper-craft design, using predominantly stamps and ink. I take great joy in letting what I see around, influence my designs, and I want to show you how easy it is.
I collect the inspiration in my Pinterest board especially created for this purpose, and pick a piece from the lot for each installment of this feature.

The inspiration photo is courtesy of Lisa and since she shared it on her personal FB page, I won’t link to it  directly. I believe it’s a sign of a local eatery that she visited, I think it’s so cute with its simple cottage charm. I especially like the checked strip at the top, and the banner.

I immediately had in mind, a set of tags which I can attach to the baked treats, that I like to give to people as thank-you gifts. Sometimes I whip up something yummy last-minute (ok, more often than that…) and I need a handy-dandy tag which I can quickly sign at the back and carry to the recipient. It’s good to stock up on these things!

I changed the carrots for the big strawberry from the Waltzingmouse Big Berries – Strawberry stamp set, and the checked background happened with the help of Off Beat Backgrounds, also Waltzingmouse. I added a length of subtle lace trim, to where the pattern ends, shame I couldn’t capture it well enough on the photo – it looks really lovely and adds to the cottage charm. I cut the banners from navy cardstock, with Simon Says Tilted Banners die, I’m madly in love with them! (I’m sure you noticed too, lol).
The sentiment comes from the WPlus9 set called Fresh Baked. It’s delightful and perfect for all those home-made goodie gifts, I honestly have to start whipping up all sorts of goodness with it soon! It comes with custom dies too, of course! We wouldn’t have it any different from WPlus9 🙂

Hope you enjoyed, see you again soon 🙂

Aug 30

Design infused #3

Hi there! I’m bringing you the first post for today – Waltzingmouse Pajama Party launches also in a couple of hours! I could wait until I have a day free of posting to share this… but then again, I couldn’t. LOL! I’m getting very enthusiastic at times, I’m sure you’ve noticed. D’oh!
It’s been a log time since I shared a Design Infused project. A reminder for those who don’t know what the deal is.

My aim is to take a design piece that inspires me (be it a stationery, clothing, packaging, etc.), and translate it into a graphic and simple design, using mainly stamps. I take great joy in letting what I see around the internet, influence my designs, and I’m on a mission to show you how easy it is once you let your imagination flow. I collect the inspiration in a Pinterest board especially created for this purpose, and I pick a piece from the lot for each installment of this feature.

Today’s project evolves around this amazing poster below. It got a fair number of repins so I assumed that you’d be happy for me to feature it. Why, yes I’d love to! Jaw-dropping, fantastic, solid piece of art. And so easy to be made into a stamped project!

{original source}

First up, the mandalas. Easy enough to recreate with one of the doily stamps available on the market. I have a soft spot on doilies so I spent a fair while trying to choose one from the variety I’ve got 🙂 I settled down on the Filigree stamp set from Mama Elephant, for the similar shape. It’s a dainty little thing so I added some more body to it, by filling in some space with a grey Copic marker.
The mustard spots were created by inking the back of a clear circle stamp. Any stamp will do, as soon as the shape of the piece of photopolymer is an ideal circle.  The effect achieved by stamping it this way is uneven, and this is exactly what I was aiming for. Lastly, I flicked some spray mist over the entire thing.  Notice how I carried the imperfections and speckles through to my cards?

Here’s a close-up of the Copic work. I like how it makes the doilies stand out.

I hope you enjoyed my Design Infused project! See you again soon enough, for a fun, nautical Father’s Day card!

Jul 12

Design infused #2

I’m excited to bring you another installment of Design Infused today!! (formerly Design Inspired, my apologies for the confusion – everything should stay put from now on, lol) In the series I’m aiming to translate my latest design inspirations into projects using the supplies I have on hand. I hope today proves fun 🙂

As soon as I saw the latest Waltzingmouse stamp release (and later on, Claire’s genius of a project), I knew that I will be making my own dream catcher myself. In a card form… Upon a quick Google search, I stumbled upon this gorgeous stationery card which has the truly swoon-worthy colour combination and the mojo kicked right in.


Now, Claire offers digital cut files to make your own dream catcher & which coordinate beautifully with the newly released Fine Feathers and Funky Feathers stamp sets, but I wanted to see if I can make something with the dies in my stash. It figures that I can as well 🙂

I designed two cards, with the colours mirrored since I couldn’t settle down for either alone. I also made the coordinating envies with inserts (this time I did use a Silhouette cut file for this purpose). The cards combine stamping (with Funky Feathers) and die cutting, and for the latter I put to work my MFT and PTI dies. I even played clever clogs, and utilized the circles leftover from cutting the PTI Clock Face die, as pieces of my dream catcher. LOL

The cardstock that I used, has a fantastic honeycomb texture. It’s a piece of my big haul from Doggett (a local paper manufacturer) from a little while ago and I will be using it a lot on my upcoming stationery designs. I wish I could capture this texture, but I’m still learning my new camera and some things still come hard… 🙂
I hope you liked it, see you again soon enough, for another Design Infused project!


Jun 24

Design infused #1

I’m so happy to finally launch one of the new blog features today! The first one out of many fantastic things that I’ve got up my sleeve… if only time allowed me put it all into action soon enough!
The series I’m launching with this post is called Design Inspired, and that’s where I’ll be showing you my latest design non-card inspirations and how I translate them into projects using stamps and ink. Sounds like fun?

The inspiration for today comes from this amazing, Mexican-style wedding invitations that I found originally on Pinterest, which in turn led me to this cool website.


 You have to go check all of the designs out, in the source post! I gasped when I saw them, my folksy side is in utter delight 🙂 Aren’t they GOR-JUSS?? I was even more excited when it dawned on me that I could achieve a very similar effect with my beloved Folk Art Medallion stamp set from Waltzingmouse. That’s when I told myself “right, girl… I think it’s a perfect time for your first Design Inspired post!”
So… here’s what I made.

I took a solid border piece stamp from Folk Art Medallion for the quickest result, but I could also create the same pattern using smaller bits and by doing so, I’d be able to mix various colours, like on the other stationery items. Here I only added a touch of dark brown, by cutting out the tiny circles for the flower centers and adhering them on top of the stamped design.
I used Say It Loud (also Waltzingmouse) for the sentiment, and experimented with Fancy Flourishes, Scallops & Dots for the dotty lines.
Finally, I selectively inked one of the border stamps from Heirloom Patterns, for the aqua horizontal dividers.

The Envelope was created using Kreate-A-Lope, plus I did the liner with its help. I traced the top half (flap) and the center of the template on a piece of white paper, cut it out and trimmed any excess necessary. Then the tips of the flaps were rounded with the punch and I decorated the insert by stamping a tile design with the Folk Art Medallion set.

Voila! Isn’t it lovely? 🙂
I hope you liked it and that you’re looking forward to another installment of Design Inspired. Cheers!

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