Dec 31

2013 card favourites, part two

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It’s time to share more of my card favourites of 2012! See the part #1 here. Stay tuned for a special post (and giveaway!) coming up at midnight EST.

July. I suspect this may be one of (if not the most) pinned card of mine this year. While I didn’t suspect it to be so popular, I’m quite fond of that puffy flutterby and the chunky background.

August. Another installment of my Design Infused series, and the one I’m most happy with so far. MUST. DO. ANOTHER POST. SOON.

September. It so happens that rarely ever I would put a butterfly on a card and be unsatisfied with it. I swear they work like a charm on my crafting 🙂

October. This gorgeous, ethereal poinsettia. Sigh. I totally kept this card for myself 🙂

November. I was debating whether I should choose the card below or this one instead, but the casual charm and a sort of a dreamy state that this card puts me in, won me over. I made it for the birth of a dear friend’s baby and put a lot of heart into it.

December. Not sure what to call this one-layer. Modern vintage? Retro whimsy? I certainly do love how I was able to achieve a clean & look with such ornate stamps.

See you again in the New Year! (well, it’s been true for me for about half an hour already!) Hope 2013 treated you well & I wish you all the very best in 2014!!

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10 thoughts on “2013 card favourites, part two

  1. How on Earth did you manage to narrow the selection down?!?! Your mojo has been on fire for the whole of 2013!
    I remember each one of these beauties you’ve selected, and I love that you kept a card for yourself (I don’t feel so guilty for doing that myself now!)
    Happy 2014! xx

  2. I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your awesome cards. I agree with Aimes comment that your moro has been on fire all of 2013!

  3. I love seeing your blog posts in my inbox and this little review of your favorites is a good reminder why. You provide me with lots of inspiration.

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